Scientific research or academic literary study requires a specific approach that the researcher must adhere to, to get acquainted with the theoretical and practical applications to reach the facts and facts in their social environment, and to understand the relationships between the conceptual framework of spatial analysis and the set of applications and models targeted in the circle of social phenomena. The most important indicators of the progress of nations due to the importance of its impact in stimulating the productive, economic and other sectors, drawing a clear policy for the various sectors, solving all the problems they are exposed to, and how to advance them. We are pleased to present in your hands the first issue of this year (2021), which is the issue (136) for the month of March, and it is a complement to the long series of achievements of AL-ADAB Journal , and the research in it has been arranged according to the names of the researchers and their alphabetical sequence, taking into account the scientific rank in that. What distinguishes this issue is the organization of an electronic identifier for the research articles participating in the issue (DOI), which is an abbreviation of the word (Digital Object Identifier). This electronic identifier is used as an identity card for articles between websites of academic scientific journals, which facilitates the citation of published research In the magazine and raise its electronic evaluation, and that identifier is one of the requirements for entering international containers. In conclusion, we say that this work invites us to present the best in the coming issues, God willing, and it also invites us to strive hard to work in order to achieve our cultural and scientific mission, a message that the College of Arts has always sought to convey to all those interested in science and knowledge ... And Allah is the Grantor of success.

Published: 2021-03-14

Eastern linguistics and literature