Geographical Analysis of Factors Affecting the Tourist Movement in the Holy Najaf Governorate

  • Mahdi Nassir Hussein Sumer University - College of Basic Education
Keywords: Najaf, Tourist


The tourist movement in the province of Holy Najaf witnessed significant development and growth affected by and influenced by many natural and human factors, in light of the evolution of human awareness and the evolution of life aspects of the importance of tourist and its impact on the lives of individuals   in particular and society in general q1Q                                                                                                          

            This study sought to indicate the most important natural and human factors that helped the establishment of the tourist movement in the Holy Najaf Governorate based on the quantitative indicators related to natural and human factors in the governorate.       The study reached a set of results

 1-Through the map of the geographical location of Najaf Governorate, it was found that the study area is a link between the central and southern governorates, which represent the center of gravity of the internal tourism movement, as well as its proximity to places of external demand.

2-The study showed that the climatic characteristics, despite being an important tourist attraction, are not encouraging tourist activity in most of the months of the year. Nevertheless, the tourism movement is not significantly affected, since the tourism activity is largely limited to the pattern of religious tourism, which has the effect of these characteristics.  Poor climatic conditions.

3- parts, it was found that the study area has an internal road network that connects its and an external road network that connects it to the neighboring governorates, as well as the air transport represented by Najaf International Airport, however, these transport services are not sufficient during the big visit seasons such as the forty visits.

 4-The study showed the lack and the lack of media coverage in the media and propaganda because it suffers from a problem of failure in marketing the tourism activity internally and externally.


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