About the Journal

AL-Adab Journal
Al-Adab journal is a scientific academic and accredited peer-review journal of the College of Arts, University of Baghdad. It is edited regularly within a specific time, four issues per year in March, June, September and December with one or two supplements for each issue, to avoid delays in publishing research papers in the journal.
The first issue was edited in March 1956 and was entitled " Al-Alum and Al-Adab College Journal " because at that time the journal was edited by the college of sciences and Arts before the splitting of the college into two colleges:
College of arts and college of sciences. The publication of the journal under such title was continued, in each year one issue was edited.
Accordingly, the first issue was published in 1956, the second issue was in 1957 and the third in 1958. when the college of arts has become an independent college, i.e. after its splitting from the college of sciences, the first issue has been edited under the title of " Al-Adab Journal " in 1959. the publication of the Journal has been continued till the oppressive blockade on Iraq causing the journal to stop for five years. After this compulsory stoppage the publication of the journal was resumed in 1990. in order to achieve its goals in publishing the scientific and the intellectual products of researchers, learners and thinkers. It can be noted that the goals of Al-Adab journal extend to include many researchers and learners outside the College of Arts (from other scientific institutions) as well as researchers outside Iraq. In fact, the editorial board aims at making fruitful interaction and deepening the intellectual, scientific and cultural perspectives.
Al-Adab journal is specified for publishing the researches and studies related to different and various human fields like Arabic and English linguistics, Criticism, Literature, History, Geography, Psychology, philosophy and Anthropology. the researches prepared to be edited are submitted to an accurate linguistic and scientific evaluation by sending them to be specified experts to make sure of the validity of the research topics and contents and then the researches are evaluated to be published or not in the journal. Thus , many researchers have great confidence in publishing in this journal due to its distinctive status in the Iraqi educational prospect and also due to its connection with the college of arts – university of Baghdad , which is known by its rich inheritage represented by its immortal symbols including great professors , scientists and thinkers , And this gives the journal a distinctive status as an intellectual and scientific stand for all sciences and this leads to deepen the educational interaction and communication within human and culture perspectises . Accordingly, researchers will get great benefit in presenting varions opinions and discussions to develop their abilities in many fields of knowledge.