Outclass Activities in the face of school violence

(An analytical study)

  • Abdullah Hussein Hamad Amaom Al–Hamd master's, social work, assistant teacher, Education in Kirkuk Governorate.
Keywords: Activities, School, Out class, violence


 The first topic can be considered school violence as a behavioral and causal problem. Attention must be paid to finding a balanced relationship between school students, considering that students are a reflection of the society in which the school is located and also considering students as the pillar of the future, and the school is no longer an indoctrination educational institution but rather an educational institution that develops human behavior Positive and working to confront school violence through its educational and educational role in implementing extra-curricular activities programs, and accordingly the aim of the study is determined by identifying the role of extra-curricular activities in facing school violence What are the obstacles you face.

The problem of the study came to identify the importance of extra-curricular activities in schools in terms of their functions in the formation of students ’personality in terms of cooperation, interaction and adherence to laws and society’s values and standards in tolerance and rejection of violence and assault, and their obstacles in schools. Scholastic.

And the importance of the study lies in the fact that schools have the basic role in the life of societies in developing and preparing the human element, and for the educational and social upbringing they play in building a conscious generation that possesses knowledge, culture and positive behavior based on tolerance, flexibility and the rejection of violence.

The second topic is the aspect related to extra-curricular activities, their importance, functions, and related obstacles in extra-curricular activities. As for the third topic, it dealt with school violence, motives, causes, and types, some theories explaining violence, and school procedures to stop violence.

The study found that there is weakness in some of the roles of school administrations in marginalizing extra-curricular activities, overcrowding in schools, lack of halls for practicing activity, the small size of the school that does not fit with the number of students, two-term study, and lack of time, and most schools do not have a social worker who graduated from social service Weakness of cooperation between the school, the students' families and the community.


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