Evaluating the performance of Arabic language teachers to teach adults in illiteracy centers based on the reading skills for beginners

  • Azhar Hussein Ibrahim Ministry of Education / General Directorate of Curricula
Keywords: Evaluating, centers based, teach adults in illiteracy, beginners


The aim of research is to determine the suitable techniques to develop the reading skills, pronouncing skills, comprehension skills for beginners in illiteracy centers and detecting the performance of Arabic teachers in basic stage.

In order to achieve the target of this study. The researcher used the descriptive curricula depending on the study as it is on the reality, and the researcher adopted the tool of the study (observing card) which consist of (38) techniques to develop reading skills .The tool of the was applied to a community consisting of (21) male and female teachers in illiteracy centers in Baghdad governorate during the first semester in 2018. The researcher used many statistical techniques to come up with these results:

  1. Determine three basic reading skills (reading skill, pronouncing skill, comprehension skill), each single skill consist of many sub skills which are (15) and each one of these need (38) techniques to develop it.
  2. The Arabic teachers’ performance was medium in teaching adults to develop the techniques of reading skills for beginners in illiteracy centers.
  3. The Arabic teachers’ performance was medium in teaching adults to develop the techniques of pronouncing skills for beginners in illiteracy centers.
  4. The Arabic teachers’ performance was medium in teaching adults to develop the techniques of comprehension skills for beginners in illiteracy centers.

The reading skills for beginners in illiteracy centers refer to their scientific certificate and years of service.      

According to the results of the study. The researcher recommended to write a guide for beginners in illiteracy centers to develop reading skills, in order to put an end to teachers’ explanations and specialization, let the teachers of Arabic language teach reading and get benefit from the list of techniques that the researcher reach, let the teachers of Arabic language teach Arabic in these centers with increasing the financial and moral incentives. The researcher suggested many studies and researches which are intended to be complementary to this study.

It’s not weird to describe the Islamic nation as (Iqraa nation) and it’s not surprising that the educators describe (Iqraa nation) as don’t read. We are (Iqraa nation) because the first verse come down from the (QURAN) was (Surah AL-alaq).


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