Akhenaten and the Monotheism Doctrine

Contemporary social frameworks

  • Nidal Issa Karif Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Arts
Keywords: Akhenaten, monotheism, religious revolution, social function


Akhenaten's monotheistic doctrine represented a unique social and intellectual stage in the history of the Egyptian Pharaonic society, which came for the first time with a strange and unique idea, which is the belief in one God, and some considered him a religious revolution, and a popular hero who led the struggle against the tyranny of the Amun priests who extended their political and religious influence significantly until they overthrew their worship and closed Others considered him the first unifying philosopher, and others went to several of the prophets carrying a reformist and humanitarian message.

His ideology took all his intellectual and spiritual effort, which subsequently produced new social functions of monotheism that intersected with the old religious heritage.

Akhenaten tried to form a social memory and build a social identity based on the belief in the living Aten, which is symbolized by the disk of the sun and whose rays hang over the world to carry for them the key to life, energy, goodness and blessings. The new one who will publish and install it.

Many researchers believe that Akhenaten’s call was ahead of his time, so the Egyptian society did not understand its significance or recognize its essence. So, it happened that the Egyptian Pharaonic culture, with all its traditional loads, swallowed his new call, and people returned to worshiping Amun as soon as Akhenaten died, and his idea of ​​the one God was forgotten.


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