Synonymy in the Andalusian Collection Marj al-Kahl (d.634 AH)

  • Siham Saib Khudair University of Baghdad / College of Languages/ Language Correction Unit
Keywords: poem, poet, connotation, synonymy, Marj Al-Kohl


      The poet is distinguished by his style from his contemporaries despite what the poet witnessed in his life, his life was not easy, he used to sell fish in the markets from an early age, and it is a difficult profession that does not generate much profit, practiced by the poor relying on what the rivers provide, but he was able to prove his poetic identity in Andalusian literature and has become one of the famous poets of Andalusian poetry, which made me study his poems, consisting of widely dispersed pieces and verses, compared to long poems, and I found many rhetorical methods, most notably synonymy. I provided in my research a definition of synonymy and its types and styles. I found types of synonymy, arranged according to their frequent use in the collection, what each of these types represented in his poetry and its effect on the recipient.


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Author Biography

Siham Saib Khudair, University of Baghdad / College of Languages/ Language Correction Unit

Asst. Prof. PhD


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