In our time, interest has begun to increase in applied scientific research, especially research in the fields of human sciences. These applied studies can open the door for new researchers and help them choose a similar topic or practical application or complete research work in one of these topics to contribute, at least, to solving many research problems and moving from the theoretical side to the practical side.
We are pleased to present to you the third issue of this year (2021), which is the issue (138) for the month of September, and the first issue of the academic year (2021/2022). Alphabetical, taking into account the scientific rank in this, and the journal has issued two supplements to this issue to accommodate the scientific research accepted for publication in it, and it is worth noting that the journal has witnessed a significant increase in external research by researchers from different Arab universities.
What distinguishes this issue is the research arrangement of scientific research written in Arabic and oriental languages ​​in its first part, and research written in English and other foreign languages ​​in the second part, according to their arrangement in the previous issue, because there are researches other than the specialization of language and literature written in English, and therefore It has its own position in the research ranking of research. The journal also continued in this issue to work with the electronic identifier of the research articles participating in the issue (DOI), which was used in the previous issue, which, as we mentioned, facilitates the citation process for the research published in the journal, and raises its electronic evaluation.
In conclusion, we say: This work invites us to provide the best in the upcoming issues, God willing, and also calls us to strive hard and diligently to work in order to achieve our cultural and scientific message, which the Faculty of Arts has been working to convey to all those interested in science and knowledge.. .

Prof. Dr. Abdullah S. Abood

Published: 2021-09-15