The Effect of Teaching Natural Geography with Visual Thinking Skills on the Achievement of the Fifth Secondary School Students

  • Nazek Ali Mutasher Al-Khafaji Ministry of Education / Baghdad Education Directorate / first Rusafa
Keywords: teaching, geography, thinking, visual, skills


The research aims to investigate the impact of teaching natural geography on the skills of visual thinking of the fifth-grade student. To achieve the objective of this research, the researchers put a null hypothesis, i.e., there are no significant statistical differences between the mean scores of the students in the experimental group who are studying the natural geographical material visual thinking skills and the achievement of those students in the control group who are studying the subject in the traditional way. The sample of the study consisted of (64) students, distributed by (32) students in the experimental group and 32 in the control group. The current study is limited to the fifth grade of the preparatory school for Girls of the General Directorate of Education - Baghdad / Al-Rusafa during the academic year (2019-2020). The results showed the superiority of students in the experimental group who studied natural geographical material skills of visual thinking compared to the students of the control group who studied in the traditional way of testing achievement.


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