The Role of the Student Counselor in Universities to Prevent Youth from Drug Abuse

(Khartoum State as a Model)

  • Eman Ahmed MohammedAli Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University – Khartoum
Keywords: Student advisor –, Drugs


The paper dealt with the role of the university student guide to prevent youth from the drug scourge, university students in Khartoum State was set as a model. The student guide plays an important and key role in the guiding mode and problem-solving programs and their prevention of this scourge, especially drug-related and youth-taking in universities. The significance of this study in addressing an important segment of society i.e., young people in universities and for the values of universities in the society for producing generations with mind of science depends on the transparency and social responsibility. The importance also stemmed from the role of the university student mentor to prevent the youth from the drug plague that is so far close to these groups. The study aimed for identifying the size of the drug abuse problem among university students in Khartoum state, and to find the role of the student guide in drug abuse prevention. The paper was based on the analytical descriptive approach and on published studies and researches on student mentoring and drugs. One finding is that there is no university of universities included in the research in Khartoum state are free of drug abuse among students, noticing the proportion of male students in universities in Khartoum State is higher than that of Female students, failure to understand the role of student guidance in the positive impact on university students, Failure of communication between the student mentor and parents of students' in solving their young adult drug problem, the student guide does not study cases to address the problem and there is a deficiency of the student guide in the filling a comprehensive student record, maintaining its confidentiality and organizing guidance files and records. The study recommends that the role of the student guide should be activated at universities and should be using all available means, stimulate the role of the family in following up the behavior of its young adults in universities, the government should give the issue of the prevention of drug abuse  the most weight at universities and continuing the awareness about the damage to this serious scourge on health of the individual and society and to benefit from the programs of the National Drug Control Commission.


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