Philosophy of History: The Professionalism of the Historian and the Philosophers' Opinions

  • Alaa Fadhil Al-Ameri College of Arts - Al-Mustansiriya University
Keywords: philosophy of history, philosophy, history, historian


The researcher tries to trace the sayings of the philosophers of history, explains their importance for both philosophy and history as well as their role in removing the contradiction between them, identifies the historian’s need for the philosophy of history in explaining historical events and linking them and searching for the reasons that led to their occurrence, fills the gaps left by the resources related to the topic under study and research, and criticizes the sources in their initial form.

The researcher proposes that the philosophy of history in the historian’s works includes all the mental and intellectual processes that the he performs while he is preoccupied in writing about a specific topic and is governed by a specific time and place, that is, everything that includes what the historian himself review about the topic (history).

The analytical philosophy of history is part of the philosophy of history that the historians are interested in, and it is in contrast to what philosophers do in their reflections or what they do while searching for general rules and laws governing the course of human history and the emergence and development of civilization and then its retreat and falling back, or their views on the secrets of the universe and the existence of man and what governs his life on earth. Does it go in an ascending line forward, as indicated by the theory of progress, for example, or the other theories?

The researcher hopes to demonstrate the benefits of the philosophy of history to both the historians and the philosophers and to prove the claim that the philosophy of history is a specific field of thought which stands on its own and at the same time is helpful to the sciences of history and philosophy, which is different from the history of philosophy.


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