Mythical Tendency in Simha Ben Tsion’s works

  • Baydaa Abbas Ali University of Baghdad- Collage of Languages
Keywords: the tendency, the mythical, works, simha ben tsion


    Simha Ben Tsion is a Jewish-Zionist writer who recognized as one of the founders of Tel Aviv city. He immigrated to Palestine in 1905 after years of moving between Odessa and many other cities. He has worked on establishing publishing houses for a long period. He has a great passion for writing stories and novels, which varied between autobiographical stories and children's stories, as well as he has worked in the field of myth. What has drawn the author's attention is “Eshkol / the departure of Jews from Egypt.” It is one of the writer’s works, which was considered as a starting point to take the reader in an atmosphere of heroism, self-denial, good, and bad. Hence, the current research revolves around giving an in-depth analysis of this band of stories. The writer attempted to take the reader back to 3000 years ago by introducing events encountered by the Jews during their departure out of Egypt. In which, he exposed the relationship between kings and prophets, on one hand, the people on theother hand. It is evident that the writer had exaggerated in describing the suffering and sacrifices of Jews by showing a wide range of events that full of love, sacrifice, and heroism. Obviously, the story is an effective means to influence audience sensation. We find this matter repeated in the same manner and idea in the story of Eshkol, in which events are similar to the first story.


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