Scientific research is an approach to knowledge, as it relies on scientific methods with systematic and objective methods to describe facts through a set of criteria, such as observation, description, recording data and information and forming hypotheses, in order to reach scientific and knowledge facts, and to find solutions to local, regional and global problems in various fields of research. ; Educational, psychological, social, economic and others.
We are pleased to present in your hands the final issue of the year (2020 AD), which is the number (135) for the month of December, which is a complement to the long series of achievements of the Journal of Literature. These are five research papers, according to the names of the researchers and their alphabetical sequence, taking into account the scientific rank in that.
Al-Adab Journal has been distinguished by keeping pace with developments in the field of global publishing, and this is what we have seen in previous issues regarding the issue of receiving, evaluating and publishing research electronically. And from different Arab countries, there is research by researchers from Saudi, Emirati, Qatari, and Jordanian universities, as well as researchers from Iraqi universities.
In conclusion, we say that this work invites us to present the best in the coming issues, God willing, and it also invites us to strive hard to work in order to achieve our cultural and scientific mission, a message that the College of Arts has always sought to convey to all those interested in science and knowledge ... And Allah is the Grantor of success.

Prof. Abdullah Sabbar Abboud

Published: 2020-12-13