The Semantic Dimensions of Appeal Discourse in Surat

A Study in the Light of the Speech acts Theory

  • Fakhrya Ghareeb Qadir Lacturer at Arabic Department / College of Language / Salahaddin University/Erbil
Keywords: Surat Yusuf, significance, verbal actions


This study, entitled (The Semantic Dimensions of Appeal Discourse in Surat Yusuf in the Holy Qur’an - A Study in the Light of the Speech acts Theory) aims to uncover the semantic dimensions of the Qur’anic discourse in Surat Yusuf   in the Holy Qur’an and monitor its intentions, and to shed light on its direct indications and indirect implications according to The theory of Speech Acts Theory, and the study is composed of three axes as follows:

The first axis: the concept of Speech   Acts in the Pragmatic lesson

The second axis: the appeal of its appeal, its pillars, achievements and actual forces

The third axis: The Appeal of the Appeal in Surat Yusuf, its implications and actual achievements

The study ends its journey with a conclusions and a list of the books and references used in writing.


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