Economic analysis of container terminals in the Iraqi commercial ports

(Study in the economics of maritime transport)

  • Safaa Abdel-Hussein Jaez the General Company, For Iraqi ports
  • Dr.shirouq Naeem Jasim جامعة بغداد/ كلية الآداب
  • Najmuddin Abdullah Najm Al-Hajjaj University of Basra - College of Administration and Economics General
Keywords: Economic, commercial, maritime, transport


The economic analysis of container terminals in the Iraqi commercial ports needs to study the developments and challenges facing the maritime logistics industry and its role on the ports and how to deal with container terminals in the ports being a basic and necessary sector that cannot be dispensed with. Therefore, there is an urgent need for its development and setting the necessary plans to move it to better upgrade levels after it became an essential pillar in the life of the country. Through it, containers loaded with various goods (food, agricultural, industrial and luxury) pass.

On the other hand, it is a financial resource that pumps large amounts of money into the Iraqi state treasury, which amounts to billions of Iraqi dinars. It is also a sector that provide employment for very large manpower. Therefore, it became necessary to build other government sectors.


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