Paradox in The Iraqi Leaves

a collection of poems by Ahmed Jar-Allah

  • Ekhlas Mahmoud Abdullah College of Arts-Mosul University
Keywords: Paradox, Verbal Paradox, Dramatic Paradox, Iraqi Leaves, Ahmed Jar-Allah


This paper, which is entitled ( Paradox in The Iraqi Leaves : a collection of poems by Ahmed Jar-Allah )tackles the theme of paradox in this collection which was published in 2013 including narrative poems , very short stories and slogans. In this collection, the poet focuses on marginalized elements of life, and presents this sarcastically according to nowadays situation .It is a paradoxical vision of reality and what is common. It is an attempt to monitor the contradictions and cons of reality in a sarcastic way. As an attempt to put a critical view that can achieve the essence and content that the poet seeks to elaborate in his poetry, my work focused on tracking the impact of the paradox in his constructive and verbal poetic texts , whose function is to support the semantic structure and to depend on contradiction.


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