Susan Stitkevich's Approach to Ancient Arabic Literature

A Descriptive Study on Selected Samples

  • Dr. Ziyad Mahmoud Miqdadi Department of Arabic Language / College of Arts and Sciences in Mahayil King Khalid University / Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Arabic, ancient, literature, recitation, stitkevich


This research deal with some studies carried out by the Orientalist Susan Stitkevich of the ancient Arabic literary text, which constituted a major field of study for Arab scholars and Orientalists. The study arises many findings among which: There is a strong relationship between the ancient Arab literary text and other cultures that are interested in it, some Western critical theories can be applied to ancient Arab literature, the critical efforts of Orientalist Susan Stitkevich are of great importance in the study of the ancient Arabic text,  these studies have an impact on the presentation of new meanings, which confirms the vitality and continuity of this literature,  there are some drawbacks to the approach of the Orientalist Susan Stitkevich in its preview of the ancient Arabic literary text. The study provides a number of recommendations among which: the necessity of taking care of the orientalist studies that conducted  on the old Arabic literary text, taking care of it to benefit from the results,  introducing orientalist studies and informing the specialists, especially graduate students in the Arab universities, the need to examine these studies and follow them  and critique scientific criticism to show the merits and shortcomings.


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Author Biography

Dr. Ziyad Mahmoud Miqdadi, Department of Arabic Language / College of Arts and Sciences in Mahayil King Khalid University / Saudi Arabia

Assistant Professor of Literature and Criticism


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Electronic articles:

Al-Qawasmeh, Muhammad Obaidullah. (D.T.) A new vision of Arab poetry praise "Astudy in the book of poem and authority of Susan Pinkney Stikkevich " Entry date 2019.

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