Vol. 1 No. 142 (2022)

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With God’s blessing and success from Him, Al-Adab Journal continues to publish issue (142) in its three parts and places it in the hands of readers. The issue contains a range of researches for various scientific departments such as Arabic, English, Psychology, Sociology and other departments such as history, geography and archeology, as well as research from other faculties such as languages ​​from inside and outside the country. Outstanding Features of Developed Nations and Emerging Societies.
The journal has been keen to adhere to its scientific approach in evaluating the research coming to it and ensuring its scientific and linguistic integrity before publishing it after presenting it to the professors and specialized experts inside or outside Iraq in order to authorize it for publication, taking into account the instructions and controls set by the journal as a condition for publication and the necessity of adhering to them to publish any research.
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Published: 2022-09-15