National Security

Concepts, dimensions and Theories


  • Khalled Ali Mohammed Alameeri University of Sharjah
  • Ahmad Falah Alomosh University of Sharjah



National security, Dimensions of national security, military security, social security, health security and food security


National security is the protection of citizens and individuals on the territory of the state, also known as the use of security means to maintain the proper functioning of daily life, apart from any crises that cause harm, the human and material components of society.

In the past, the concept of national security was related to the strategic and military fields and prospects related to confronting potential and sudden threats against a state, and the methods of confronting them.

National security is the capacity of the State to protect its territory, people, interests, beliefs, culture and economy from external aggression, as well as its ability to deal with all internal problems. And work to solve it and follow a balanced policy that prevents polarization and increase the unity of the word and root loyalty and belonging to the homeland and leadership. From this standpoint, this research focuses on the concept of national security, its theories, levels, and impact. Among the most important findings of the researcher that the national security is not only concerned with the military dimension or military security, but is characterized by inclusiveness and an example of this is social security, health security and food security. Also, the study reached the following dimensions of national security, as follows:

The human dimension or security of national security, for example, food security that is based on providing the stock of spare food and providing it when needed in any emergency occurring in an emergency and crisis

The health dimension or security: an important part when talking about the internal security and the individual security of the citizen, especially what epidemics and viruses occur in the world such as the Corona virus in addition to treatment and trying to reduce it.


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  • Ahmad Falah Alomosh, University of Sharjah

    علم الاجتماع

    علم الجريمة والمشكلات الجتماعية



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