No. 134 (2020): 134 Issue Supplement

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The study of the humanities is a study of experiences and activities related to man and their scientific interpretation, as the human sciences seek to expand man’s knowledge of his existence and his relationship with the environment and the surrounding systems and link those systems with human phenomena, as it combines the historical dimension with the current reality to enable us to understand the various human phenomena, and this What is related to scientific research by reaching some laws and theories to solve the existing economic and social problems of society and discover new facts.

We are pleased to present to you the first issue of the academic year (2020-2021), which is the number (134) for the month of September of the year (2020), which is a complement to the long series of achievements of AL-ADAB Journal. And the researches in the Department of Oriental Languages ​​and the English Language, which is five researches, according to the names of the researchers and their alphabetical sequence, considering the scientific rank in that.

AL-ADAB Journal has been distinguished by keeping pace with developments in the field of global publishing, and this is what we have seen in previous issues regarding the issue of receiving, evaluating, and publishing research electronically. In addition to publishing the products of foreign orientalists, including the Chinese researcher (Yango Li), who had a comparative study of Chinese and Arab literature.

In conclusion, we say that this work invites us to present the best in the coming issues, God willing, asking God Almighty success for all researchers in all fields of knowledge, and it also invites us to strive hard and work hard to achieve our cultural and scientific mission, that message that has always been ceased The College of Arts seeks to reach all those interested in science and knowledge ... and may God grant us success.


Published: 2020-09-15


English linguistics and literature