Survey of Pronouns in Ballar Balını Buldum by Naziha Araz

  • Rana Mohammed Qanbar University of Baghdad - College of Languages - Turkish Department
Keywords: Pronoun, Name, Yunus Emre, Turkish Grammar, Word, Phrases, Nezihe Azar, Theater, Literature, Person, Reference, Possession, Ambiguity, Compliance


       The author's full name is Fatima Naziha Azar, she was born in Konya in 1922.She is best known for writing biographies as well as enormous works in various fields of literature. Azar is one of the successful writers of the of the 20th century. She has devoted herself to writing and never been married. Passed away on July 26, 2009. Naziha Azar wrote many great literary works throughout her entire life. (Ballar Balını Buldum) is, without doubt, considered one of the most remarkable and valuable plays among her various theatrical works. It was written in a small size with an emotional style, based on the poems of Yunus Amira, who is the most prominent name of Tekke literature (Tekke -Tasavvuf Edebiyatı).  In this work, many details concerning the structure of Turkish language have been revealed. In this paper, we will study how pronouns in this play are utilized. As known, In Turkish, (Adıllar) is another term employed to indicate pronouns (Zamirler). Pronouns are words that stand for any entity. If the subject is omitted, pronoun can replace it in a sentence. In addition, we will examine pronouns which can be a single word form or a suffix added to the ending of a noun. In this study, we briefly tackle the author's biography, literary style and works. Then, pronouns, which is the main theme in our study, are defined and surveyed within the context of (Ballar Balını Buldum).


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Author Biography

Rana Mohammed Qanbar, University of Baghdad - College of Languages - Turkish Department

Name:  Rana Mohammed Qanbar

 Date of birth: 1980/2/10

Place of birth:  Iraq / Baghdad

Work Address:  Teaching and Department Rapporteur of  Turkish Language/ College of Language, Baghdad University.

Scientific Degree:  Assistant Lecturer.

Section: Turkish Language and Literature.


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