Cartographic representation of those infected with the Coronavirus in Iraq for the years (2020-2021) and the factors contributing to its spread


  • Asst. Lect. Israa Mahmoud Muhammad Directorate of Education, AL-Rusafa II, Baghdad



COVID-19 pandemic, (Sars- COV-2), Maps, cartographic Representation


Since 2019, the world has suddenly suffered from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, for more than a year and a half (2019 to 2020). That was followed later in 2021 by the emergence of a new Corona virus known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (Sars-COV-2), which caused many and severe infections to the whole Earth’s population. Thus, that have led to increase the deaths toll that exceeded millions at a time when the efforts of even scientifically developed countries failed to control this epidemic Iraq was among these countries affected by this epidemic as a result of the pour levels of health services of Iraqi hospitals, in addition to the lack of health awareness among the majority of the population.

This research is covering the developments of this epidemic in Iraq at the level of the Iraqi.

 governorates by representing them cartographically. Mapping such pandemic is the best visual method through which the spatial variation of any phenomenon can be clarified, by using several methods of cartographic representations. The data were utilized from the Ministry of Health for the second half of 2019 (six months) and the years 2020-2021.


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