Soviet diplomacy came to Poland and the Baltic states during the Russian civil war (1920-1918)

  • Qabil Muhsin Kadhim, PHD General Directorate of Dhi Qar Education
Keywords: Baltic states, States of reconciliation, Soviet government, Soviet diplomacy, Red Army


When the socialist revolution succeeded in Russia, the capitalist states were affected and agreed on the valley of the revolution, and russia was restored, supported the Russian opposition and intervened in the civil war, and pushed the states of reconciliation and the United States of America Baltic states and Poland to declare independence from Soviet Russia, but Soviet diplomacy tried in every way to overcome wars with neighboring countries, although many of them, especially in Poland, succeeded in solving problems through peaceful diplomatic means, and concluded treaties with these countries on the basis of Peaceful coexistence, This was an important factor in putting an end to western countries' interference in Russian internal affairs


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