Geographical distribution of the index parity educational situation spouses in Al-Anbar province

  • Ayad Mohammad Makhlef Al-Adwan University of Anbar - College of Education Humanities Sciences - Department of Geography
Keywords: Parity index, education, Spouses, Al-Anbar


The paper aims to identify the extent of the disparity in the index of parity of the educational situation between the spouses and to reveal the qualitative gap between them at the level of educational attainment in Anbar province. The study adopted the field survey by distributing 2030 forms electronically all over the province districts. The study found that the parity index was not in favor of the wife, the index increased more than 100  levels higher than the minimum levels of educational status ( Illiteracy, reads and writes, primary). This is because the wife did not get the same opportunity at the beginning of education. Thus, this indicates inequality, and the index of parity for the couple approached equality in the educational status (middle). On the other hand, the index decreased with the high level of educational status (preparatory, diploma, bachelor's degree, above bachelor's) and decreased significantly at the higher levels, until the index reached that no percentage was recorded. This is also not in favor of the mother, and this illustrates that the number of couples with higher levels of education was greater than wives, and the quality gap could be reduced in the future and reach


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