Meaning of work of State Employees

  • Saba Nizar Kadhim University of Baghdad – College of Arts
  • Sawsan Abid Ali Al-Sultani University of Baghdad – College of Arts
Keywords: the meaning, meaning of work, State Employees


Meaning is important to convey information or concepts. As employees spend one-third of their lives at work, work is then a major reason for gaining meaning.The current research aimed to identify the following:1.The meaning of work for employees,2. Level of differences in the meaning of work according to:Gender:( male/female),Service period:( ten years or less, more than ten years) Working in direct contact with the customers(yes, no), To achieve the aims of the current research, self-determination theory of Deci & Ryan (1985) was adopted,the scale consists of (38) items in its final form, applied the measure to a sample of (400) employees, randomly selected from the staff working in the office of the following ministries (health, electricity, ages, housing, municipalities, public occupancy, justice) The study has with the following results: 1. Sample individuals have the meaning of work.2.There are no statistically significant differences in the meaning of work among the employees to the gender variable (males, females).There are no statistically significant differences to the service period (ten years or less, more than ten years).There are statistical to direct contact or not with the customers (yes, no) in favour of ‘yes’. The study has come up recommendations: Introduce each employee to his/her task, grant him/her autonomy at work and make him take responsibility by holding him accountable for the work outcomes. Suggestions: Conduct a study to identify the relationship between the meaning of work and organizational values.


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