Efficiency of the distribution of youth forums in the Rusafa side of the city of Baghdad

Sadr City as a model

  • Hanan Hussain drewel Al Mustansiriya /College of Basic Education  Geographical division
Keywords: The Concept of Recreation, Recreational Function, youth forums, Spatial distribution efficiency


The current research aims to  assess  efficiency of  youth centres' distribution  located in a-Rusafa  / Baghdad  ( Sadr Ciy), the number of these centres  in al-Sadr City  is 9   that being distributed among the sectors in al-sadr city , The research  relied on  important standards  to study  the distribution of  these centres  and of these  standards:

1st. The standard  that is depended on  the number of population   in each sector  of Sadr city  nd  Area standard2

  The research  deals with some  problems  suffered by these centres , most importantly,  is the financial problem (budget deficit) in the budget of  youths centres

The research indicates that there is a shortage  in a number of youth centres , where  the shortage ranges  between  30 to more than  40 youth centres

The research has also indicated  that the area of forum  in respect to  attendants  is insufficient to practice  all  youth activities ( Sport, Cultural ,  Artistic and  Scientific)


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