One of the goals of scientific research is the discovery of hypotheses and Rules, and there is no doubt that this discovery contributes to the establishment of a scientific knowledge community that we find applications in the economic and social fields, as that knowledge has achieved rapid development in the natural sciences and prepared a huge amount of information that was employed in the theoretical sciences. And practicality that had great importance for the human being in aspects of his whole life. We are pleased to present to you the second issue of this year, which is the number (133) for the month of June of the year (2020 AD), which is a complement to the long series of achievements of Al-Adab Journal, and the researches have been arranged in the Arabic section, which is eighteen research, and researches in the Languages section The foreign language and the English language are eight papers, according to the names of the researchers and their alphabetical sequence, taking into account the scientific rank in that. Al-Adab Journal has been distinguished by keeping pace with developments in the field of global publishing, and this is what we have seen in previous issues regarding the issue of receiving, Reviewing and publishing researches electronically. The current year 2020 AD due to the spread of the Corona virus (COVID19) pandemic and the many implications that followed in the fields of knowledge. In conclusion, we say that this work invites us to present the best in the coming issues, God Almighty willing, asking God Almighty success for all researchers in all fields of knowledge, and it also calls us to strive hard and work hard to achieve our cultural and scientific mission, that message that has not ceased The College of Arts seeks to communicate it to all students of knowledge and knowledge in the service of our dear country ... and may God grant us success.

Prof. Abdullah Sabbar Abboud

Editor-in-chief of Al-Adab Journal

Published: 2020-06-15