The Reality of Primary Education In Al-Habibiya Zone in Baghdad City


  • Safaqis Qasim Hadi University of Baghdad College of Arts Department of Geography & Geographic Information Systems



Primary Education, Primary school, Sader City, Habibiya Zone, The teacher, Children Pupils


Primary education is the basis of the basic of the basic pyramid for the different stages of education.

 The random distribution of schools the low level of living  and other problems affecting the education sector, Al-Habibiya located southeast of Sader city in Baghdad, suffers from inefficiency and adequacy of primary education services, this school building the double permanence, the lack of suitable numbers of pupils with the study population , the  lack of water electricity and  suitable services. The absence of parks , sports grounds and recreation , as well as the short age of educational and staff which in turn affected the educational  process .Wench.

 The primary education is the first of the development cycle and advancement of the scientific and civilized society, most of the governorates and cities of Iraq suffer from the lack of primary education services , especially the high density city of Sadr city which suffers from the deterioration of all services such as transportation methods and efficiency and lack of access to drinking water and the deterioration of electric city  services and responsible over crowing to find appropriate  solution  for the education.


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