Linguistic features of the semantic translation of the Holy Quran from Arabic into Russian

  • Azzam Ahmed AL Mogami Department of Russian, College of Languages, University of Baghdad
Keywords: Quran, difficulty of translation, lexical, semantic and syntactic problems, tasks of a translator


This article discusses some linguistic problems that arise when translating the Holy Quran from Arabic to Russian. We analyze lexical, syntactic and semantic problems and support them with Examples of verses from the Qur'an, since the Qur'an is the word of Allah. It contains prayers and instructions full of both literal representations and figurative comparisons. The identification of linguistic and rhetorical features challenges translators of the Holy Qur'an, especially when translating such literary devices as metaphor, assonance, epithet, irony, repetition, polysemy, metonymy, comparisons, synonymy and homonymy. The article analyzes: metaphor, metonymy, ellipsis, polysemy.


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Арабская литература

القرأن الكريم.سوره الاحزاب – الاية 10,سورة الحج –الاية 5,سورة يوسف –الاية 9,45,82 ,سورة الانعام –الاية 6 ,سورة الزخرف – الاية 22.

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