Suicides in Al-Kahla area

  • Saad Mohammed Ali Hamid Al-Mustansiriya University- College of Arts
Keywords: problem, Suicide, Case study


The problem of suicide is one of the social problems that have been still accompany human societies of different races and ethnicities, it is serious problems that threaten the society cohesion because it leads to the loss of some of its members, and is often an indicator of the disintegration of society and represents an individual and collective failure to adapt With social norms, values ​​and disciplines.

The problem of suicide began in the district of Kahla, which we are dealing with In this study in the spring season of 2012 and escalated until it reached the end of the year to (11) cases in various regions of the judiciary. The study reached a number of results:

  1. Suicides in Al-Kahla can in no way be considered a phenomenon (widespread and general), but are special cases and are few compared to the size of the population of the judiciary.
  2. Suicides clearly reveal a defect in the systems (value - religious - social) surrounding individuals.
  3. The results of the study revealed that most suicides are in the district of Al-Kahla (Most / Majority) Suicides were women or men who were illiterate or educated.
  4. All cases dealt with are cases of suicide in young people or adolescents.


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Author Biography

Saad Mohammed Ali Hamid, Al-Mustansiriya University- College of Arts




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