The Impact of the Strategy (be aware) in the Reading Comprehension of the Second Stage Students in the Kurdish Language Department


  • Jiyan Abdul kareem Ali University of Baghdad-Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd for humanities



Strategy, Be Vigilant, Read


This research aims to identify (the impact of the strategy 'be aware' in the reading comprehension of the second stage students in the Kurdish language), and to achieve this, the researcher chose the students of the second stage in the Department of Kurdish language/Faculty of Education- Ibn  Rushd to be a field to apply her experience. The research sample included (61) students and divided randomly into two groups: (31) students in the experimental group that studied the subject of reading and sound on the basis of the strategy of 'be aware', and (30) students and students in the controlling group who studied the same subject in accordance with the traditional way, and the researcher equals between the two research groups regarding the variables (IQ, reading and sound material for the previous year, and language proficiency test).

The researcher identified the subjects of the scientific material that will be studied during the duration of the experiment by (7) topics, formulated the behavioral objectives, and the teaching plans for it, and a test for the reading comprehension consists of (30) items of the multiple choice questions. In addition, the analysis and supplementation and the arrangement have been presented to the experts and specialists to verify its validity and reliability.

The experiment lasted for a full semester, at the end of which a reading test was applied to the experimental and controlling research groups, and the researcher used the T-test for two independent samples  to examine the difference at the level of (0.05) between the two groups of research and it became clear that there was a statistic difference between the average of the grades of the students of the two research groups in the reading comprehension for the experimental group who study the reading material  and sound in the strategy of "be aware".


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  • Jiyan Abdul kareem Ali, University of Baghdad-Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd for humanities




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