Teaching EFL Students Poetic Texts by Applying Pedagogical Stylistics Approach

  • Ali Abdulilah Gheni Dept. of English/College of Arts University of Kufa
Keywords: pedagogical stylistics, awareness, stylistic analysis, EFL learning


It is seen that applying literature in EFL courses and contexts plays an essential role in promoting language skills. Literary stylistic analysis can be used as an effective tool to improve and enhance learner's ability, awareness and, perception in reading and writing. Pedagogical stylistics is a discipline that employs stylistic analysis in teaching  written texts to speakers of English as a second language so as to facilitate a better understanding of the meaning of literature and to improve language acquisition.                                                              

This study investigates the application of pedagogical stylistics in teaching poetry as a device to improve and enhance students' knowledge of English language learning. Pedagogical activities in the class stimulate students' awareness and competence of how language is structured and used with exposition to the mental processes of comprehension of the meaning. The study aims to answer the following main questions:                                                                                    

1) What is the relationship between style and literature and why literary texts used  in language teaching?

2) Is the application of ped+agogical stylistics as a branch of stylistics fruitful and effective in enhancing  students' awareness in English language learning?

The study has shown that pedagogical stylistics makes a real contribution to enhance and digest the realization of language learning through literary text. Also, it is revealed that students' intuition, motivation, linguistic and grammatical knowledge are increased with the pedagogical stylistic activities( before, while and after reading) especially when they are given analysis courses of stylistic devices, so they are given more chances and constant encouragement to deepen their performance and skills of learning.


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