The beginnings of the shift towards reconciliation in Lebanese-Syrian relations (1933-1936)

  • Anwar Sandown Najm Ministry of Education
Keywords: Lebanon, Syria, Mawarnia


The first ten years of the French Mandate experiment on Syria and the Greater Lebanon state in 1920 showed that France placed its interest above all other interests, and that its relationship with any political or sectarian class was to the extent that it fit with French supreme interests. France has promised that it is the guardian of the states subject to its mandate. There is no crisis that French capitalism was subjected to but was exporting to its colonies abroad, including Syria and the State of Greater Lebanon. After the economic crisis that struck the world capitalism in 1929, France resorted, in an attempt to alleviate the severity of that crisis, to practicing monopoly on a large scale within Little states monopolized basic commodities, controlled the movement of buying and selling, and did not leave their companies and capital a vital facility except and fully exploited it.This monopolistic policy was the catalyst for all the Syrian and Lebanese social groups, which drove them to become aware of their basic interests, to bring the steps of convergence between them free, largely free of sectarian and regional considerations, and the introduction of their social and economic issues on all other issues.


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