Humility in Christianity

Descriptive Study

  • Khaled Ahmed Hussein جامعة بغداد/ كلية التربية – ابن رشد للعلوم الإنسانية/ قسم علوم القرآن
Keywords: Bible, Christ, humility, reverence


Humility is assign of the Purity of the soul and safety of the heart from the disease of pride and arrogance. It represents an important side of the formation of man's character and his behavior since it calls for love, intimacy and connection and a means to free the heart from the chains of envy and grudge. The word Humility (humbleness) appeared in the holy bible in many places. A accordingly, Christianity urged for sticking to it by its followers. The study aims at showing the meaning of humbleness, its importance and example of the humbleness of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) under the title (humbleness in Christianity/A Descriptions study).

    The paper falls into an introduction and three sections. The introduction talks about the meaning of humbleness in language and in terminology. The first section limits islet to the study of humbleness in the bible and the seared shows the importance of humbleness. The third section deals with the humbleness of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him).


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