Theory of knowledge Possibility, Tools, Resources and Nature As Arab Thought Contemporary Understood

  • Mohammed Fadhil Abbas College of Arts – University of Baghdad
Keywords: Theory of knowledge, reason, senses, intuition, sentiment, rational method, empirical method, deductional method, inductional method, apriori knowledge, apstriori knowledge, method, doubt, certainty, possibility, commune sense


Epistemology is considered an important part of philosophical researches and one of it’s a fundamental branches , since its appearance until almost the second half of the twentieth century.

Yet it is just like the other branches of philosophy. It starts to withdraw due to the extension of science. A lot of the questions that philosophy in all its branches was responsible for answering then, has now become the responsibility of science. The is due to the achievements of science in this respect. Science has adopted  (involved) all and every knowledge in this world where we line. Philosophy has kept what everybody disagree about.

We know something, this thing that we know comes out of (exit) the domain of philosophy to enter that of science. We are only left with the metaphysics and its occasional connection to knowledge especially in regard of the concept of the thing in itself. What is left to philosophy are the issues to which science failed to find laws that everybody agrees upon such as politics, ethics, aesthetics and art. And these are not insignificant matters. Politicians, ethicist and specialist in art and aesthetics have competed with us. However, epistemology will be an important branch of philosophy through which we come to know about the development of human knowledge, means and methods of thinking and how did philosophers embrace. Knowledge all through century.

The present research explains the meaning of knowledge possible or not, does it have a limit or is it limitless ? We have tried to present all of this in a clear obvious style and in a simplified way that has no complications that it may be of use to anyone involved in it.


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Mohammed Fadhil Abbas, College of Arts – University of Baghdad




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