(naptanu) Texts from the ancient Babylonian era

  •  سعد سلمان فهد جامعة بغداد-كلية الآداب-قسم الاثار
Keywords: ancient Babylonian era


The themes of the texts varied in the cuneiform writings, especially the texts of the ancient Babylonian era. The texts of this era were rich in a variety of topics, including literary and religious subjects, as well as the economic field. This latter field is the focus of our research, which is based on the study of a series of cuneiform texts related to some types of meals or known food rations. In the Akkadian language naptanu meaning "share of food or meal", and in the literary meaning "banquet" or "luxury meal", corresponding in the Sumerian language Terms: NIG2.DU, KIN.SIG, BUR


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 سعد سلمان فهد, جامعة بغداد-كلية الآداب-قسم الاثار



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