Efficiency of Al- Sabla Major Irrigation Project and its investments

A Study in the Geography of Water Resources

  • حسين كريم الساعدي  University of Wasit, Faculty of Education 
Keywords: Sabila Project, Geography of Water Resources, Water Consumption, Net Irrigation, Total Needs, Water Efficiency


The research deals with al-Sabila major irrigation project, which is one of the large projects that cover large areas of agricultural lands of al-Rifai Agriculture Division to the  north of Dhi Qar province and south of Maysan. The total area of ​​agricultural land amounts to (324156 / dunums) of which (138127 / dunums) are suitable for agriculture whereas the area that is not suitable for agriculture is estimated (186029 / dunums). As the project provides water to agricultural lands located in the western side, the distance from the beginning of the boundary of the irrigation project to its end reaches a distance of 60 km.  For this reason, I studied the project in three sections, the first dealt with the theoretical framework and the importance of the study area.  The second section dealt with the natural elements of the study area, and the geographical study of the project, as well as the source of water and the slope of the land and the direction of the project rivulet,  and the date of its establishment and stages of development and its branches. The third section addressed the water needs of the study area and the efficiency of the project, problems and solutions.


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Author Biography

حسين كريم الساعدي,  University of Wasit, Faculty of Education 

Dr . Hussein Karim Saadi

University of Wasit, Faculty of Education 


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