The Criticism of the EFL textbook Taught at Iraqi Public secondary school

  • Hayder K. H. Al Hamdany The University of Kufa


Curriculum criticism is a systematic way to develop and account for programmatic action that involves procedures that are useful, practicable, ethical and accurate for the anticipated users of criticism process and findings (Patton, 1997 cited in Watanabe 2006).  This article critiques an EFL textbook which has been prescribed for use in Iraqi secondary schools.  First, a general definition of curriculum will be given.  Following, an analysis of the target text book will show how the target learners, teachers and their community (culture) are represented in.   The article then gives some suggestions as to how to alleviate some of shortcomings encountered in this textbook.


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Author Biography

Hayder K. H. Al Hamdany, The University of Kufa

Department of English Language


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