• حازم فاضل محمد (البارز) العبودي University of Karbala, College of Islamic Sciences


The study of literary heritage is a step to revive this heritage and build for the interpretation of the civilization of the Arab nation, as this literary heritage is rich with writers and poets. Among those poets is Amr ibn Shams Al-Asadi, whose poetry has characteristics that deserves studying, hence the title “The Poetic Language of at Amr ibn Shams Al-Asadi”. The study includes an introduction to concept of rhythm and the three sections. The first section is entitled rhythm in Al-Asadi’s poetry. The second section is about rhyme in Al-Asadi’s poetry. The third section is types of rhyme in Al-Asadi’s poetry. The study concludes with an account of rhyme in Al-Asadi’s poetry with the poet’s sense and style that he uses to express the soul’s tranquility, disturbance, hopes and sorrow.


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حازم فاضل محمد (البارز) العبودي, University of Karbala, College of Islamic Sciences

Prof. Hazem Fadhel Mohammed Aboudi, Ph.D.

University of Karbala, College of Islamic Sciences


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