The Feminist Metaphorics of Herland in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Poetry

  • Amer Rasool Mahdi College of Arts - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Gilman, metaphorics, feminist, utopian, Herland.


As a primordial feminist writer and activist in the modernist times Charlotte Perkins Gilman produced an oeuvre that is so replete with the feminist metaphorics that draws on the feminist milieu of the times as well as engages the timeless Darwinist and Marxist legacies. Her feminist metaphorics is thus shown as rooted in utopianism as best represented in such fictional universes as Herland that, though apparently embedded in the economico-biological utopian theorizing and literature, tends to deviate from and re-contextualize the categorical and genre expectations about the female experience in a man-oriented world and literature. On the other hand, her poetry is energized and governed by the economics of writing that characterizes the feminist writing of all time, and even of the later women-poets; mainly, the urgent impetus to write differently and to procure change.   


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