The conflict Scenic for the Problematic Memory in the Novel (There In The Glen Of The Wind)

  • Hadeel Abdulrazzaq Ahmed Alhikma University College
Keywords: The conflict Scenic, The Problematic Memory, There In The Glen Of The Wind


The problematic character is an important element in the narrative text, where antagonisms are mutually reinforcing, conflict is achieved, the problematic character Lives a self-division between living a normal life and exercising its private life , or to be Fused in amidst its Social reality, believing in that life´s values and principiles. It is a character that Acts by its own motivation, Seeking to Change But often Eventually sets back to its own private world .


This character is demonstrated clearly in the novel ( There In The Glen Of The Wind ) by Iraqi novelist Abdul Rahman Majid al - Rubaie, through the character of (Hassan al Zaidi), as it is a problematic character, filled with self-haunting and existential alienation , and communal  (leaving home), and burdened with the human mind, and suffering loss identity, and the worsening of situation, the absolute and helplessness about the transitions, because of the dominance of a sense of inequality between it and the changes of its surroundings .


The writer´s use of the narrator´s (Complete Knowledge of Multi Selections), contributed to reveal conflicts of the problematic character, through introspection and awareness, and documenting its memory in a dramatic way, which dominated the general structure of the novel, creating a complete image of the character. We have not only heard it, but also seen it, which has made the element of inspiration realistically visible.

The story was presented directly as (Hassan) lived it , and as reflected in his consciousness, and presented ideas and visions and feelings as formed by the curriculum , the novel appeared as if without a narrator , documented by the problematic consciousness and memory, scenes of psychological ruins of the individual and society, and the country under the influence of wars and authoritarian repression, was a living reflection , revealing the opposing conflicts between awareness of the crisis and the inability to find salvation from them .


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