Types of semantic relations of participles and participatory adjectives

  • Majida Jameel Ashour AL Shammari Department of Russian-College of Languages- Baghdad University
Keywords: participles, passive participles, participle adjective participles, semantics, semantic relations


The article states that the participles in the transition to the names of the adjectives there is a loss of the verbal signs of the voice, time and type, as well as the development of indicative meanings. Attention is drawn to the fact that in the case of adjectivization the participles behave quite independently. The author emphasizes that this refutes the view that the adjectivized participles fully reproduce the meanings of the corresponding verbs and “real” participles: they can develop new meanings based on metaphorical transference, they can acquire a different stylistic coloring. Represented is a continuous line of development between participles and adjectives, leading from the verb through participle to the adjective. The latter confirms the idea that the adjectivization of participles is a derivational process and one of the types of non-affixed word production. The intermediate position between participles and adjectives is occupied by a special type of lexemes - verbal adjectives. It was emphasized that the adjectivization of participles leads to different results. It is represented that in some cases (when several meanings of participle are combined in an adjective) its result is a shorter and thus more semantic expression of thought, in some cases an adjective with a new meaning appears, in some cases a word with a different stylistic coloring.


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