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Vol 1 No 126 (2018)
Al-Adab Journal 126 Issue


With the help of Allah the last issue accomplished this year was No. 126/ September 2018. This issue is considered as complementary to a long series of achievements of the (Al-Adab Journal).


We adopted in this issue the same subjective sequence mentioned in the previous issues. So it comes according to the scientific divisions from one side, and the researches were arranged according their names and their alphabetical series. The scientific title is also observed.


This issue included 26 researches in its Arabic division and 6 in its English. Researches were not only from the College of Arts but there are many of them from different universities from inside and outside Iraq. May Allah bless this cultural and ideological achievement and all those contributed to the success of this work in order that researchers continue their distinguished performance and their keenness for bestowal and devotion in all fields of humanitarian and scientific knowledge


The journal worked seriously to make the forthcoming issues include subjective procedures that aim at scientific reform which has a great impact on the scientific sobriety. This is done through subjecting the researches to electronic quotation programme for scientific sobriety.  All these will lead to impress the researchers and readers and will eventually lead to develop further.


We pray Allah to help all in their scientific progress in all fields and to help us forward our cultural and scientific message that the College of Arts has been always doing to all Science and Knowledge students in serving this priceless country. Success is from Allah.


Editor in chief 

Published: 2018-09-15


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